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Become an amazing virtual facilitator.

If you design and facilitate learning for staff of youth-serving organizations, we're here for you.

Real learning & support for people who imagine possibilities for
professional development.

Connect with your learners--for real.

Experience professional learning that resonates with you so you can facilitate engaging, meaningful learning for others. 

Master the blended learning environment.

Translate your go-to facilitation strategies to the virtual environment. Learn and practice
strategies for in-person and virtual learning environments that include and support every learner.

Get new ideas and solutions.

Connect with a peer community of professionals who work with youth-serving organizations and schools.  Finally--you get to have a network to learn with
and learn from. 

Welcome to LEARN>Without Limits!

latest research & practice for online adult learning
thriving community of people who love to facilitate learning
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What makes learning with us different

We enjoy facilitating online and want you to, too!

Become a pro

We've been facilitating online learning for more than a decade. We enjoy this work and want to share our lessons-learned with you! Boost your confidence, master online facilitation and join other professional facilitators to up your game. 

Live virtual sessions 

We've created LEARN>WL to mirror and model the kind of learning we want to see happening with staff and youth in virtual environments. That means our learning is centered on you, the learner. Engage in enjoyable synchronous and asynchronous virtual sessions that meet your needs.    

Online peer community

As we all know, at the heart of learning is a social-emotional connection. Join our facilitated community for people who facilitate learning communities. Connect with other professionals facilitating learning for various clients including youth-serving organizations and schools. Get the peer community you've been looking for.


Access curated resources, links, research and videos that all relate to facilitating learning online with adults. Get current practices that give you the information you need and want right now.  You will become an expert virtual facilitator in no time!
What does LEARN>Without Limits Look Like?

You Deserve a Beautiful, Modern Online Learning Experience

Leaders, staff and supporters of youth-serving organizations, nonprofits, school districts and government agencies should not have to settle for outdated, clunky learning portals.  We've created LEARN>Without Limits for you.
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Tips from our team

"Get people out of their chairs and use the whole space around the computer. People can leave and come back to gather supplies, or complete an icebreaker."
~Jen Brevoort, Senior Learning Facilitator
"In online facilitation we have a lot of flexibility. We can still use markers and chart paper while using video conferencing Or we can Use the whiteboard function in Zoom to capture ideas or set up a parking lot."
~Mike Jolley, Senior Learning Facilitator
I encourage new facilitators to record themselves, so they can look back, reflect and make adjustments."

~Belinda Passafaro, Senior Learning Facilitator

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology do I need?

To fully participate in LEARN>WL courses, you need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. When participating in our live sessions, we recommend you also have a webcamera and headphones with a microphone. 

How do I purchase course access for a group of users?

Many of our clients are organizations that want to offer LEARN>Without Limits to their team. We will work with you to ensure your group can participate! 

If you need registrations for a large group, we can create an invoice for the total amount and then will provide your group with a discount code, allowing them access to the platform.  Please contact Jennifer Brady with: # of learners, dates you would like live sessions and your payment method.

How long do I have access to a course?

Each live session is recorded and accessible through your LEARN>WL account. Once you've taken a course, you'll never lose access to the handouts, resources and planning templates provided.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Your subscription begins with a 14 day free trial. If at any point you decide you'd like to cancel, it's easy to do so. Simply login to your account and follow these instructions.

If I'm not 100% satisfied with my learning experience, what can I do?

We strive to ensure that every person is our community is happy! If you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund the cost of your course.

How is LEARN>Without Limits related to Development Without Limits?

LEARN>Without Limits is an educational platform created by the team at Development Without Limits, an educational consulting group. We wanted to be able to offer our learning expertise in an easy-to-access way and LEARN>WL is it!

I'm still not sure LEARN>Without Limits is for me, who can I talk to?

You may still have questions or need to talk through how you can gain access to LEARN>WL for your whole team. Please reach out to Jennifer Brady to talk through your needs.

Start improving your online facilitation now!