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Topics and Resources Available

Leadership 101

  • Your leadership strengths and vision
  • EQ and Leadership: what's the connection?
  • Building a support network

Leadership Challenges and Opportunities

  • EQ in theory vs EQ in real life
  • Time... there's only one of me
  • Conflict: How to handle it 
  • Building an inclusive workplace: Race, Equity, and Inclusion  
  • Best Laid Plans… What to do when it all goes wrong

Communications and Messaging

  • Pro-social/ Compassionate Communicating with Staff
  • Communicating with Family, Community and Funders

Moving Forward

  • Leadership for the future

Meet the coaches

Belinda Passafaro
Belinda weaves together her bi-cultural identity, her passion for social justice and equity, and her extensive experience in nonprofit and education leadership to design and facilitate professional learning opportunities that are diverse, inclusive, and meaningful for all partners. As a senior consultant, Belinda is experienced in designing, managing and implementing high quality initiatives that support organizational development strategies and promote positive student outcomes.
Aileen Tejeda
Aileen brings 12 years of experience working in and with educational institutions as a teacher, leader, and coach centered on culturally responsive pedagogy and wellness. Currently, she works as a yoga leader and DEI consultant supporting education and corporate organizations in developing equitable wellness solutions for their teams.
Jen Brevoort
If you’ve worked with Jen, chances are you’ve slept in a submarine, designed air powered cars, expressed yourself with a little snow painting, or gotten lost in a scavenger hunt. Jen creates and expands experiential learning environments for learners. She uses creative curriculum, and current technology to push the limits of traditional education. She has designed and delivered professional development trainings for educators and administrators in 38 states and four continents. Jen's passion is keeping joy and curiosity in learning spaces by prioritizing play.