Building Positive Relationships With Youth 

Suddenly, you are teaching children and youth online or in a hybrid model. Need some immediate help?  How do you get them to come to your program? How do you keep them engaged once they are there?  This course is for you!

  • Duration

    4 hours
  • Tools

  • Learners

    Teachers and staff
  • Handouts

    6 PDFs

What's included?

Get started with this essential skill right away!

  • Self-guided virtual courses 
  • 4 hours of learning
  • 1 Certificate
  • 5 Planning pages
  • 15 Facilitation strategies 
  • 1 Amazing peer community

Bring Heart to Your Facilitation

You'll create a plan to intentionally build relationships with youth.  

Keep Students Engaged

You will also learn strategies for engaging students and keeping them engaged in online and in-person spaces.  
Meet the facilitators

Jen Brevoort & Krista Galloway

Jen Brevoort

Senior Online Learning Facilitator
Jen loves trying new things and never let a little technology trip her up.  Based outside Philadelphia, she leads virtual summer programming through her own company, Pop Up Play.

Krista Galloway

Senior Online Learning Facilitator
Krista designs amazing learning experiences for staff so they can keep young people engaged. She enjoys working with afterschool and youth development professionals in all areas of programming. Krista is located just outside Seattle.